Similarly to our bowls, our tabletop items, comprised of our boards, coasters, trivets, and salad servers, are all made with solid wood chosen for the colour and quality.  Shop our “Tabletop” collection.

Serving Boards

Our Canadian Maple pâté and cutting boards accent the grain and natural beauty of the wood, and feature one to two live edges, a glimpse of the tree from which it came.

Both our cutting and pâté boards are an excellent choice for preparing and serving food. Through use, the colours will deepen and the board will gain the coveted look of a much-loved butchers block over time. We recommend cutting on one side and serving on the other (serving on the side with the pocket in the case of the pâté boards) to maximize the use of your board. The pâté board has diverse uses such as holding chutneys and jams, olives, nuts, or pâté, a spread of cheese and crackers, bread, smoked salmon – you name it! And the cutting board can be used traditionally to prepare food, and as an alternative form of serving platter.

They come in standard sizes of 16” or 20”, and varying widths.

Maple Pâté Board in use
20″ Maple Pâté Board in Use
Ash Board in Use

Cheese Plates

 Photo coming soon!

To appreciate the origins of the red cedar/juniper cheese plates, you need only get up close to smell the sharp and clean cedar scent. Our cheese plates are a colourful, compact choice for displaying beautiful arrays of cheese and other appetizers.  They are naturally coloured with a stunning red heart, are food safe, and work well as a hot plate (the heat causes the cedar scent to waft through the air).  Also an excellent choice for those who don’t have the space for a larger cutting or serving board.

Salad Servers

Our simple yet eye-catching solid maple salad servers are the perfect compliment to any of our bowls. Each pair is book matched, highlighting their origin from a single piece of wood. They are available smooth or with a wane edge.

Bark Edge Bowl with Wane Edge Salad Servers, in use