Signature Line

Our signature line, featuring exclusively “free-hand-turned” pieces, with the signature of the Stinson who made the piece burned on the bottom, includes: Square Bowls; oversized (20”– 26”) Bark, Wane and Round Bowls; and Sculptural Burls.

Our square bowls are “free-hand-turned”, an incredibly difficult and risky skill requiring years to develop. The resulting combination of artistry and working with the natural form make the square bowls some of our most captivating pieces. These bowls showcase hard, clean lines with the warmth of the maple wood, and may feature two live bark edges, or a smoother wane edge. They are a wonderful mixture of modernity and ruggedness.

Finished with a food-safe combination of beeswax and oils, these bowls are a fantastic centerpiece on any table for food serving, including holding fruit and vegetables, salads, pasta (hot or cold), bread, rice, and more. Many also use them as centerpieces, in hallways or on tables, on their own or holding decorations, keys, and so on. These pieces truly make a statement and are often used as a “warm” accent piece to complement modern spaces with stone, or stainless steel.

Ambrosia Maple Square Bowl in use