Studio Line

Based on the forms and commitment to high quality beloved in our original signature line, the studio line embodies equilibrium: each piece unique, but with consistent sizes in each style.  Additionally, this allows our studio serving bowls to be more competitively priced with a wider range of sizes for a range of uses. Finished with a food-safe combination of beeswax and oils, these bowls are ideal for serving and showcasing food, including holding fruit and vegetables, salads, pasta (hot or cold), bread, rice, and more. Many also use them as centerpieces, in hallways or on tables, holding items such as decorations, keys, nuts or candy.

Live Edge Bowls

Either Bark or Wane Edge, the rims on our Live Edge bowls are formed from the natural exterior of the tree. Our commitment to quality and excellent source of materials makes us one of the only producers of live edge serving bowls to guarantee a 100% bark rim. The wane edge bowl is a harmonious compromise between the shape and rustic rim of the bark bowl, and the durable clean edge of the round bowls. These bowls speak specifically to those unsure about the durability of the rustic bark edge, but looking for something non-traditional and “natural” in shape and colouring. Popular for personal use, but very often purchased as wedding, house warming, and seasonal gifts.

The live bark edge combines with the smooth interior to reflect a balance between rugged natural beauty and functional form. With this bowl, we strive to maintain as much of the natural tree as possible in the finished piece. These are very popular as wedding gifts, or just gifts in general, as they are so unlike anything else available. We recommend these to those who want to take the plunge into something a little more unconventional than the traditional round bowl.  Shop “Live Edge” bowls.

Ambrosia Maple Wane Edge Bowl in use
Wane Edge Salad Servers in use

Traditional Round Bowls

The round ambrosia maple is the closest to the traditional “wooden bowl” that many people envision, yet is enhanced through the natural beauty of the ambrosia maple.  Inspired by the traditional “butter bowl”  historically used in farming households for mixing salt into freshly churned butter, this bowl is smooth, simple, and functional, while still making a statement. With the largest functional volume for it’s size, this bowl has a timeless and classic aesthetic that appeals to many.  Shop “Round” bowls.
Ambrosia Maple Round Bowl in use

Shard Bowls

Our shards are a new experiment – we like to stay fresh and are constantly creating. These were born out of a broken bowl, smashed into “shards” on the floor. Sometimes the bowls don’t pass quality control, and if we are inspired, we will try to find a way to make them into something else. This experiment worked out, so not only do we have a rescued piece, we have an interesting new form to work with. The shards are an edgier take on the traditional round, combining the durability and clean lines with a modern aesthetic.  Shop “Shard” bowls.
Ambrosia Maple Shard in use