In the Studio

As a working studio, and a quickly growing business, Stinson Studios is ever changing and innovating, while always maintaining a commitment to the land in which we live and work.

As the business grew, and with a catalyst for change in the form of a devastating studio fire in 2000, the studio worked with a local college and engineering firm to develop custom tools and machines, enabling us to launch a limited production serving bowl line. Based on the forms and commitment to high quality beloved in our original signature lines, our limited production lines embody equilibrium: each piece unique, but with an overall uniformity allowing for faster, easier production to meet the needs of wholesalers with hundreds of locations. Again working with the college and an engineering firm, Don and Jesse are now working on creating new machinery to meet growing production needs.

The workshop

It is this combination of creative thinking and respect for the land around them that creates the rustic but efficient studio they work in today.